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  • Vic Johnson 4550
  • Tom Gimbel (Foreigner) - Bray 100
  • Bray 100
  • Chelsea Constable - Bray 4550
  • Bray 4550
  • Bray 2022
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DAVID BRAY AMPLIFIERS provides musicians with extremely musical tube amplifiers that are hand built and hand wired in Southern California, U.S.A. , using top shelf components and transformers, that come with a Lifetime Warranty. Every amplifier is custom voiced around the client's individual needs, playing style and existing gear, then tested and fine-tuned until the sound and response is musical and organic, giving it a plausible advantage over an amplifier that is purely spec built. Clients receive a soundclip of their amplifier to ensure that it is ideal for them, just in case any additional fine tuning is needed prior to shipping.

The main theme I go for when designing and building amplifiers is increased musicality. Simply, the amp is much more enjoyable to play through. Almost all of us have had those special experiences where you are playing through a certain rig, and it draws you in to the point where you literally cannot stop playing your guitar. Soon, it's 4 am, and your significant other is wondering where you are.

“My signature Vic Johnson 4550 is so musical that every guitar I play through it sounds as it should whether playing a hollow or solid body guitar. Tones are nice and throaty with smooth upper mids that speak clearly on every note. I couldn't be any happier! Excellent work Mr. Bray!”
-Vic Johnson “Sammy Hagar and the Wabos”

"Dear Dave,
I got to play the Bray 100 Plexi Deluxe last night onstage. It really knocked me out. What a thrill hearing it through the PA.. Proper rock guitar tone. Pumping out that beefy powerful 100 watt Plexi sound. All the umph I wanted. Especially on Juke Box Hero, Feels like First Time and Hot Blooded. Absolutely awesome. Just wanted to say thanks again!!  Oh one more thing...The road crew is actually sort of freakin out, marveling over your amp, because it sounds so killer and is so incredibly quiet!
-Very best, Tom Gimbel “Foreigner”

"My Bray 4550 is so versatile. From Blues to Rock with even, Rich tone this Plexi style head has it all!..... Brown Sound Included! "
-Chelsea Constable

Bray amplifiers are hand built, hand wired in Southern California, U.S.A., in the town of Yucca Valley.


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