LO-1 Line Out

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LO-1 Line Out, hand-built built here in California, USA. Great for running time-based effects (delays, reverbs) with amps that do not have reverb or loops, especially Plexi style amps. The result is better than either of those, that is why the pros use this method.

The LO-1 connects between your main amp and it's speakers, then lowers the signal down to line or instrument level, where it's then sent to your effect (digital reverb, for instance) that is typically set mostly or completely WET, then from the effect unit into the input of a smaller “effects amp” (even a cheap solid state combo works fine) that is set "clean". That smaller "effects amp" does not need much volume (since the effect is set all the way wet), and you use the effect amp's tone controls to EQ the effect exactly how you like. For larger “effects amps”, you may want to include some of the dry signal, for a larger sound.

The result is stunning, and much more natural sounding than an effects loop, as your main amp's tone is not compromised one bit. Play the driest of carpeted rooms, and have a smile on your face the whole time, with cathedralesque reverb and/or ambient delays coming from the second effects amp, and no more hand cramping. You can add a passive volume pedal to feed the effect to the effects amp, to vary the amount of reverb as you play.

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