The word “Plexi” conjures up images of the most famous guitar artists pouring out their souls through 60's British amplifiers that were loud and basic. The sound was warm but clear, woody yet dynamic, and became an open canvas to players that really had great tone in their hands. With the right guitar and speaker cabinet, anything was possible.

DAVID BRAY Plexi Style amplifiers capture the very best qualities of this style of amplifier, with increased musicality, tonal consistency, and an extremely transparent output level control that gives you all of “that sound” at extremely quiet levels, if needed. These amplifiers achieve a wide variety of tones, from ultra clean Jazz/Blues, semi-dirty Classic Rock, sustaining and talkative Brown sounds, and Higher Gain 80's style tones, and clean up extremely well with clarity using only the volume knob of your guitar.

I enjoy working with each client on a custom basis, discussing desired tones and playing style, as well as existing gear that includes guitar details such as string gauge, tuning, pick thickness, then moving on to speaker and cabinet specifics. I feel that this gives me an upper hand in making sure that you are extremely satisfied with your new amplifier, which in turn makes me very happy not only as a builder but as a player who knows understands the magic of becoming completely engulfed in your sound.

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